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Bookkeeping Clients get their financial books setup, monthly and yearly financial reports, and tax preparation, including the AZ TPT filings. Additionally, ideas for expansion of their business or other tools are researched to ensure the best fit for the client. This way money is not wasted on useless tech or tools. Business decisions are always in the client’s hands. To prevent a conflict of interest and protect the clients, Bookkeeping Clients are not Audit Clients.

Auditing Clients will have their past accounting records and reports scrutinized for accuracy, material misstatements, and other inconsistencies in accounting principles that could affect the bottom line or even liability of the business client. To prevent a conflict of interest and protect the clients, Audit Clients are not Bookkeeping Clients.

Business Tax Clients are not necessarily Bookkeeping or Auditing Clients. You will receive a detailed list of needed documentation, as well as an in-depth discussion of the business needs, i.e. what type of taxes need to be filed, schedules, quarterly taxes, Arizona TPT filings, etc. Tax Services are not included with the free consultation.

Every Client has a different need. The initial consultations are free. There is no obligation to continue services. If I feel that I can’t help, I’ll refer you in other directions.

All Business Clients will have access to the secure Client Portal so that the exchange of information is protected.
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