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Financial Intake Worksheet

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hi. I'm Michelle. I first starting working in personal finance in 2014. I was an Army Civilian employee and we had some awesome resources at our disposal. I've adapted this one to help my clients and me determine how to ensure our work together is the most productive. Your time and money is too important for us to flail left and right attempting to narrow in on where you need help.

I know filling out forms can be a pain, but this one helps you verbalize your reasons for asking for help AND what outcomes you're expecting us to get by working together. Additionally, THIS form helps zero in on your situation and points me in the right direction(s). So take a minute or thirty, honestly discuss with your family or a friend, and contact me with how I can best help set you up to be more successful with your money.

One other thing to note: I'm as tired as you are of spam emails and calls. I won't sell your information and will only contact you as we've agreed. That's my promise to you, my clients.

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